Welcome to my EC Traineeship blog


Are you interested in applying for an EC traineeship? Do you actually know what EC stands for or are you familiar in any way with the Eurojargon? Of course you do, that is why you are here and I have not underestimated you for one second.



EC stands for the European Commission, obviously, which runs a large traineeship (or internship) programme. Probably the largest in the world nowadays. There are blogs out there about it, there are Facebook and Twitter pages, forums and even a couple of websites. They are all very good, but I do not intend to compete with any of them for the simple reason that my blog is purely technical. It is meant to give you tips on how to make a successful application and eventually become a trainee. This being said, I cannot guarantee you will become a trainee because that depends on you only, on your educational and professional background, on your language skills and many other things. I can only guarantee to give you substantial information on how to succeed.


I will try to structure the content of the website in such a way that you can easily find the material you need. Hopefully, it will not turn into a boring mammoth. In the posts, I will be giving concrete and accurate examples from my personal experience, but also from experiences that friends and former fellow trainees shared with me. It is yet to be decided if to add posts about Brussels and the pleasures it has to offer to short term residents such as EC Blue Book trainees. As the saying goes: many have come, many have conquered and many have stayed.


Yet, despite its size and structure, it is my hope and wish that this website will be a helpful resource for many to turn the story of their application for an EC traineeship into a success.