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EC Traineeship – Pre-selection & Eligibility – NEWS!

Pre-sel news


Time to be active and feed more info about the latest changes related to your applications: the pre-selection and eligibility. The Traineeship Office has been full of surprises this year.


A few days ago, those of you who applied for the March 2014 session received an automatic e-mail containing some instructions. It asked you to prepare for the upcoming end of the pre-selection.



There will be a follow-up e-mail to inform you if you passed or not, but in anticipation of this follow-up e-mail,


“Should you consider that your application is solid enough to be pre-selected for the Virtual Blue Book, I would strongly advise you to start preparing copies.”


A bit too subjective… Regardless, you have to be prepared and you have to start collecting all the documents you declared in your application because you’ll have only a week or so to mail them to the Traineeship Office. The deadline is very tight, so start collecting the facts and put them in a nice A4 envelope (just as before).


As you may have noticed, the process is now reversed. In the past, you used to send a paper file, which would be checked if eligible and only then would go through the pre-selection phase. Now, you go first through pre-selection and only if you pass it, you’ll have to send your paper file. So, the eligibility is done after the pre-selection. It’s a bit tricky, because this means that there is still a chance for you to fail if you don’t send the right documents. So be extra careful!


I’ll recap below the docs you need to mail as recommended by the TO:


  • Printed copy of the application form, dated and signed (hope you saved a copy in your computer when you applied);
  • Copy of passport or identity card (NO copies of driver’s licence accepted!);
  • Copies of all university diplomas you have declared to hold in your application, together with the corresponding university transcripts  or Europass Diploma Supplement;
  • Proof of registration to ongoing studies, if applicable;
  • Official proof for each short-length study period and seminar, university exchange programme abroad, if applicable (i.e.: attendance certificates);
  • Proof of declared language/s knowledge, which could be presented in the form of language certificates or diplomas obtained in the referred language or official courses followed in that/those language/s;
  • Proof of all declared working experience.


It goes without saying that I’m rooting for all of you. 😉