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I am a former European Commission Blue Book trainee. I finished the stage not long ago and like other fellow trainees had the idea of writing a blog about it. It is not because I whimsically wanted to align myself to society’s stringent requirements and latest technological advancements, but because I know the EC traineeship programme is popular and many could use some help to make it to the top.


It goes without saying that I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. You can do so by leaving your query in the comment box below the post.

4 Responses to “About me”

  • Marina:

    Hello :)
    first of all thank you for creating this website, it is very useful and fun to read!
    well, in the internship at the EC you met other interns and probably you taked about your background and education… i wanted to ask you what do you think is the “normal” profile of an EC intern? a lot of work experience, very good marks at the university? i just want to asses my chances …
    greets from germany!

    • adminchiara:

      Hi Marina!

      Thanks for putting a comment on my blog. :-)

      I have to admit that almost all the people I have met so far have mind-blowing CVs. Some have even 2 Master’s Degrees, which kind of makes me feel a bit envious sometimes, as I only have one. 😛 I think the grades you obtained during your studies matter a lot and I also think it matters where you studied. Despite the official yearly university rankings (which in my opinion are pure stats, making schools show off their teeth at each other), everyone has a pretty good clue about which university is better and which is not. It goes without saying that exchanges abroad (like Erasmus) are also part of this equation. So school + good grades + exchange abroad = good evaluation marks in pre-selection.

      Of course, having already worked somewhere also matters. And whereas many of the trainees I have met had prior work experience, from being trainees to temporary employees, etc. in NGOs or even law firms, companies, or the public sector, I have also met trainees or applicants who had no professional experience whatesoever.

      Bear in mind that profiles vary from one person to the next and needs of DGs also vary from one traineeship session to the next. If you studied biomolecular engineering and a DG happens to run a project where they need someone with that background, you will definitely be on their list. But if you have the same biomolecular engineering profile and no project in the field or nothing related to that is taking place at the time of trainee recruitment, you will not be recruited as perfect as you are. It happened in my case. They only needed someone with my profile for a short time project and that was it. (Well, I happened to apply at the that time, lucky me.)

      So, have some faith in a positive outcome! 😉

  • Daniel:


    and thank you for this website, I am just in the process of writing my application and motivation bits. I was wondering if you ever met a trainee that studied psychology? I saw that psychology was under the listed degrees that are welcome and since I am very much interested in politics I am applying.

    all the best

    • adminchiara:

      Hi Daniel,

      Yes, I have met trainees and applicants who studied psychology. Very very few though. Compared to law or philology, psychology is a rara avis.

      Best of luck with your application!