EC Traineeship – Selection



Selection is the final key step before the actual recruitment. It is coming up and you’re most definitely eager to get that lucky e-mail in your inbox.


But before you receive the e-mail, what exactly happens during selection?


The DGs make their final deliberations on their choices and select their future trainees.


As I already explained, during pre-selection you may be contacted by the services of Commission if your profile is interesting enough to match their needs. They can contact several candidates for the same position, but in the end, they can select only one for that position.


When selection is over, all the candidates who made to the Blue Book will receive an e-mail to let them know if they passed or not. You don’t have to react to this e-mail or start making phone calls or reply to reconfirm you availability.


The selection e-mail is just an informative e-mail and all you have to do is take note that you passed selection, then patiently wait (if you can contain your impatience) for the next e-mail with the job offer.


You can react to the e-mail if you’re not sure you’re up to the job or if you’re disappointed in being selected by a different DG than what you had expected or you received a better job offer in the meantime (yes, that can happen!). In any of these cases you can reply to the selection e-mail and decline the offer.


If you are unlucky to have received the non-selection e-mail, don’t despair. Another candidate (see above) might change his/her mind, decline the offer and then you could be offered that seat. It’s only a matter of patience and also confidence.


Here is some more useful information related to selection that I found on the Traineeship Office website (but which you may have missed).

  • The Traineeship Office decides who many trainees a DG will host (depending on the needs of that DG). This means that you’ll not be alone and that you’ll meet other fellow stagiaires in your DG. You may share the same office or not, you may work in the same field or not. (We were quite a few trainees in my DG, all scattered around, but we had great time together and still keep in touch after the stage.)
  • When the services made their final choices, they send the list of selected trainees to the Traineeship Office.
  • If you work in a field which might present a conflict of interest with that of the Commission service, there is a high chance that you will not be recruited to work in that field.

Time to get ready to receive the lucky selection e-mail and keep those fingers crossed.