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Recruitment… the final step before booking your plane ticket to Brussels. If the selection e-mail came to confirm and secure your position as a future trainee, the recruitment or offer e-mail will undoubtedly bring you the traineeship offer (also known as placement offer). The e-mail contains a link with a password and some practical information. Yes, you may be jumping up with joy, but bureaucracy can be larger than life. I’m just kidding… :-)


A job offer means signing a contract and providing some personal information about yourself. Same goes for the traineeship offer. In the offer e-mail click on the link and type in the password. You’ll be redirected to your traineeship offer. There’s a lots to read, not to mention it can be confusing too.


The traineeship offer contains a job description, an acceptance form and some other documents that you will have to print, fill in, sign and e-mail back. If the traineeship offer does not stand up to your expectations, then you can decline it or… take it either way. It’s up to you to decide. You will have to do all this within the deadline, which is clearly marked in the offer (usually 2 to 3 weeks from the receipt of the offer).


So if you decide to take the offer, sign the acceptance form (the acceptance form is basically your contract). Then go to the annex “Documents to be supplied” as you will be required to e-mail back some of the documents on that page together with the acceptance form. Scan them and e-mail them back. You will receive an automatic e-mail to acknowledge the receipt of your acceptance.


When you have received this acknowledgement e-mail, youwill know for sure you can start planning your trip and stay in Brussels. And that’s when you have to get back to the offer e-mail and read the practical information on: accommodation, visa formalities and other…


Oh yes, before I forget and before you forget, make sure you keep an extra set of all the documents with you. It might come in handy later on.


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  • Chris_Tina:

    I’ve looked on your blog and some of the things i read seemed interesting. I think i must be some of the people who were not contacted by the commission and didn’t receive an offer. I know a couple of guys who already got the offers and I don’t know where or what i did wrong. I lobbied, sent cvs & motivation… What do you think i should do next?
    Thanks for your help.

    • adminchiara:

      I can read a lot of disappointment in those lines Chris_Tina and it’s fully understandable. All I can say is that you didn’t do anything wrong and you shouldn’t lose hope either. Lobbying is important for all those who passed preselection, but I think not all DGs are happy to receive so many e-mails at once. Some send you an automatic reply, others don’t even bother to acknowledge you, and maybe very few will actually call you back for an interview. I don’t know what your background is or where you applied, but if you haven’t been called yet, that doesn’t mean much. There are DGs that don’t call anyone, they just directly select their trainees (I met a couple of them during my session. They had simply received the offer.). There are also late recruitements, so you still have time to receive an offer, even if you may start a bit later than October 1. In the meantime, you can still apply for the next session (just to make sure you don’t miss the chance).
      You know, I never lobbied and still got the internship. Whatever the mechanics of the system is, if there is one, just keep it up.

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