EC traineeship – Eligibility



Eligibility is probably the easiest of the selection stages. It takes place right after the paper application files are received by mail at the Traineeship Office.


As far as I could understand from the Traineeship Office website, the aim of eligibility is to check if you comply with the traineeship application criteria and that your files are complete, i.e. that you haven’t missed enclosing proofs of everything you declared in your application about studies, languages, work, etc.


For example, if you wrote in your application you have a BSc in Astrophysics, but you forgot to provide the copy of that diploma, then your application will be rejected.


Or if you declared you speak 5 foreign languages, but you didn’t enclose any certificate to prove your speak at least one, then again your application will be rejected.


Also, if you did a traineeship in another EU Institution or Commission Agency for more than 6 weeks, your application will definitely be rejected.


If you applied as a French national, but you provided a copy of your British passport because one of your parents is British, then again your application will be rejected.


And Examples can go on… I recommend you view my previous posts EC traineeship application – general facts, EC traineeship – online application and Mailing your application file, if you haven’t already.


To summarize, all you have to do it pay attention to what you write in the application and to make sure that you put all the proofs inside the envelope you send to the Traineeship Office.


Otherwise, you won’t comply with the eligibility criteria and you risk being rejected. One tiny moment of distraction can cost you the application and receiving a rejection e-mail can be quite disconcerting. 



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