EC Traineeship – most wanted DG

And the award goes too…? That shouldn’t be difficult to figure out. Let’s see… most applicants seem to have a preference for specific study subjects, such as European studies, political sciences, international relations, humanities, law and economics. This doesn’t mean that everyone has degrees and these subjects and completely left out the others.


But, taking into account this little piece of information, it is quite obvious that most wanted of the DGs will be the newly founded European External Action Service (in the past, DG External Relations used to be the most popular), followed by DG Education and Culture. Other highly rated choices are DG Justice and Home Affairs, but also the Legal Service. In my opinion, the Cabinets are also in the top choice of many. And of course, the list may continue with DG Competition, DG Communication and many others.


Now, certainly, this reflects my personal view on applicants’ choices and it is based on my discussions with trainees from my session, as well as ex stagiaires and future candidates.


Yet, regardless of these top choices, don’t think that other DGs are less important or that they should be disregarded when submitting your application. My simple advice is: think carefully which DG would match your profile the best, if you have doubts, go to their websites and do a bit of research, then use all 3 options you have to put down in the application.


Update! Although you can no longer  make the choice of a DG/Cabinet/Agency when submitting your application, it is still very important to know what the European Commission does, how it is structured and how it functions. This should make it easier for you to get inspiration when writing the motivation.


Go check out the full list of European Commission DGs on my post about Blue Book trainees.


2 Responses to “EC Traineeship – most wanted DG”

  • Alessia:

    Hi Chiara!
    I have something to ask about the Areas of interest for the application.
    It’s my third application and I am afraid I won’t be luckier this time neither =( , but as I usually do I want to give the best.
    I am interested in the DG EAC. Since I worked a lot within project management of LLP and then Erasmus+ programmes, I usually apply for the Programmes, Projects, Actions and Funds.

    Am I wrong? Do you think it is the most suitable?

    • adminchiara:


      Sorry that I’m replying so many months after the fact, but I took a long pause from my blog and missed a lot of comments.

      Anyway, if it’s of any help now, here’s my answer: you may be right to select that profile, but don’t limit your lobbying to EAC only. There are other DGs that run programmes as well, which are not necessarily education related, but are probably just as interesting look at RTD, CONNECT, DEVCO, REGIO, also the executive agencies of the Commission, EACEA, INEA.


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