EC Traineeship – the days after the first (at the Commission)


If you think that your first day at the Commission was not as exciting, hopefully the days to follow will get better.  You will have the chance to share your opinions later on (you’ll see).


In fact, you may have heard from other ex stagiaires that after your first day at the Commission, you will have to attend a “welcome” conference in Flagey Centre (not a Commission building though).


For two days, you will find yourself in a room full with a few hundred trainees. There will be two busy days with many speeches on different topics, from introducing the other EU Institutions to presenting different policies of the European Commission.


Two days where you can actually interact with the speakers, asking them questions related to the subjects they presented.


Two days where you can actually learn new things, despite the fact that you may think you know everything about the EU Institutions.


Two days that may turn out to be a positive experience (don’t let yourself drawn too much by other trainees’ views, have your own!).


UPDATE! As published on the website from the Traineeship Office and also confirmed to me by friends who were recruited for the stage, the welcome conference will take only day instead of two days. This is good news. Your waiting to take office is now shortened. 😉


Of course, the views on the conference many vary from one person to the other, I personally enjoyed it and I even found myself taking notes at times (of things I deemed interesting). Not all the topics were relevant to me, but I still tried to pay attention and grasp concepts I was not familiar with.


Yet, not everything is about speeches and speakers. I think the fun part of it is asking a difficult question to the speaker, going on coffee breaks with the other trainees, sharing a joke and some frites for lunch, taking a photo with few hundred other people next to you, enjoying the welcome drink (given by the Traineeship Office). It is also deciding what party you want to go to, what trip, what committee to be part of, extending your group of friends and having a good time being yourself and with yourself, being there.


All in all, two days that can be intense and exhausting altogether… and it all happens here…


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