EC Traineeship – The first day in your DG


After all the buzz and fuss of the administrative welcome and the conference, you may proceed to take a deep plunge into work.


Well, not before you are given yet another info session about all the dos and don’ts in your DG… Patience is a virtue, they say. Now you will get to know even better the other trainees in your DG, you’ll become a solid group, decide to have lunch together, organize parties together, elect your spokesperson and do other elating things as such (not necessarily in this order).


The info session over, the friendships “cemented”, time to finally meet your advisor, your team, taking your office, your computer and your phone, set your Outlook contact list and breathe in and out in between.


To be frank with you, by the time I met my advisor and co-workers I felt already tired and had to put some effort into remembering their names. Then, when I had the talk with my advisor about my job description and tasks, I was relieved to actually start doing some work. That’s what I was there for after all.


So, have the talk with your advisor about your job description. It’s essential to know where you start, where you’re heading and what path you ought to follow. Discuss in detail each task, make sure everything is clear and well understood (if not, simply ask more questions!). Show you’re willing to do the job, show initiative, don’t be too pushy, but don’t be shy either.


And although some may argue that work comes first, showing social skills and being part of the team are equally important.


Have fun! 😉


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