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Everyone is familiar with this term and the trainees even produce a Who’s Who themselves at the end of the stage, but I am writing this post mainly to clarify who are the people who play the most important roles in your life as a trainee at the European Commission (family and friends not included). It kind of looks like a pyramid. I’ll start explaining from the top and go towards the bottom.


Traineeship Office: Is a team of EC staff running the traineeship programme. I don’t know exactly how many they are, maybe 10-12… From what I could understand, each of them is responsible of a specific nationality, so make sure you know who is the person responsible of your nationality. This way, you know whom to call when your grant hasn’t been paid (hope it won’t be the case). Not only that they are responsible of your files, but also of your well-being. If you have questions (about the grant, travel expenses, insurance, etc.) call them or write them. And if you’re not a trainee, but still have questions related to your application, you can also contact them through the contact form on the website.


Stage coordinator: There is one in each DG. You will meet them during your first day in your DG. They are responsible of the trainees in the DG, they make sure you have a desk with chair, a phone, a computer and they make sure you have encoded your absences correctly. Of course, they are also there to help you. They know the protocols in the DG, so if you are in a fix, but don’t know how to sort things out, just make a simple call or see them.


Adviser: The person in your unit responsible mainly of your work, but also of you and integrating you within the team. They are supposed to give you work to do, to guide you and advise you. Be sure to cultivate a nice relationship. 😉


Stage Committee: It’s a body of elected trainees (no more than 4 or 5), who are in charge of planning your social agenda (not everything is about work and being locked in your office!). Yes, they are elected from among the trainees. If you are hyper active, full of ideas and love to plan events or parties, you may consider running for a position with the Stage Committee. Bear in mind that being a member of the Stage Committee does not exempt you from working as a trainee in your DG and your unit. The Stage Committee does voluntary work every evening.


The Stage Committee is NOT the Traineeship Office. The Stage Committee is there to entertain you: sell you tickets for parties, advertise jobs and accommodation, send you weekly newsletters and so on.


Does all this make sense? I certainly hope so. 😉


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    have you ever thought to put online the stagiaires who’s who of the past years?


    • adminchiara:

      Ciao Guido,

      No, I actually haven’t thought of it and I wouldn’t even think to do it for the following reasons:

      1. This is not the purpose of my blog.
      2. I do not possess nor have access to that type of information.
      3. There would be too much private/personal information to put into the public space and that would mean breaching people’s privacy without their consent (I would literally need each and eveyone’s permission to publish).
      4. FB would be a much more suitable environment to develop your idea.

      But thanks for the thought. :-)

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