The Breakthrough



So now that you’ve mailed everything, what’s next? A few automatic e-mails.


When the envelope with your application file arrives in the Traineeship Office, you will receive the first automatic e-mail: the acknowledgement of receipt. Make sure you have the filters of your e-mail account set properly, otherwise, you’ll receive everything in the trash/bin section and you may not be aware of it.


From now on, you should follow the calendar posted on the website from the Traineeship Office.


It concerns the 3 major steps before becoming a trainee: eligibility, pre-selection and selection.


The calendar on the website breaks down these steps. 


Basically, in a few weeks’ time from the acknowledgement of receipt e-mail, eligibility should take place.


In the case of eligibility, you will only receive an e-mail if you didn’t pass it. From what I know from friends of friends of friends… very few applicants fail at this stage. 


They usually fail because they missed to prove things they declared in the application form. So if you read my previous posts and considered my tips, you should should be fine. 


Then, following the calendar, the pre-selection boards meet to examine the files. Pre-selection itself takes a few weeks, but you’ll only receive the automatic e-mail from the Traineeship Office in about 2 months from eligibility. Hopefully, you’ll receive the positive one.


If you received the e-mail saying you passed pre-selection, then that’s when your application goes to the Blue Book database and the Commission services can view your profile. And yes, that’s about when they start contacting you, on condition your profile is good enough to match the profile they need in their unit for the trainee position.  


If you make a good impression during the interview or whatever other form of contact, you might as well be selected. But don’t forget you need to receive another e-mail saying that you passed the last stage, selection.  


To resume, at each step of the application process you should receive an automatic e-mail, informing you if you did or did not pass that stage (eligibility, pre-selection, selection).  


If you don’t receive these e-mails, check the trash/bin section of your e-mail account. If no e-mails there at all, then contact the Traineeship Office. There’s a Contact section on their website where you fill in a form and submit it. They do get back to you. 


Now I’ll remind you something I already wrote about in my post about Blue Book trainees: the contacts you may have with officials during the selection stage are no guarantee you will become a trainee. The ultimate guarantee will be the offer you receive, yet again, by e-mail. So, do not take promises for granted and wait patiently to receive the contract (aka the offer) by e-mail! Only then you can be sure you have succeeded.


In the meantime, all I can do is hope that as many of you will breakthrough.


4 Responses to “The Breakthrough”

  • Jaime:

    Hi, I have a doubt: I have declared on my application form that I speak english, portuguese and intermediate french BUT I can only prove that I have studied in the languages of English and Portuguese, NOT french. Can you tell me if non-proving that I speak french will automatically reject my application? I know I shouldn’t have written french on the form if I hadn’t any proof… Thanks in advance
    and congrats for the web!

    • adminchiara:

      Hello Jaime,

      You posted this question 3 veces on my blog and I already replied to you in the Online Application post.

      Not showing proof of French will not automatically discard your application as long as you show proof of English and Portuguese. You said you have proof for English and Portuguese and that is perfect. Make sure you enclose this proof in your application when you mail it.

  • John:

    Hi,how can I prove that I speak a certain language?It’s enough what it’s says on my degree that every year of my studies I had a course of english or I have to get a cert just for this?Sorry about this because I’m a bit confused.

    • adminchiara:

      Hi John,

      Yes, if language courses with the grades/marks are mentioned on your transcripts, make a copy and highlight them so that they can be easily identifiable. You won’t need a language certificate in this case.

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